Winter season is a nightmare for most Americans. This is the time of the year when they suffer from cracked skins and blisters because of extremely cold temperatures. In an effort to deal with the inconveniences brought about by the winter season, most Americans have resorted to using moisturizers such as mineral oils and lotions. They certainly have found a way out but what of the side effects associated with their use? There is still the need to look for an ultimate cure with no side effects.

So what exactly is the best solution for cracked skin and blusters during the winter?

healthy skin

The Solution

The health experts and nutritionists at Riverside Family Chiropractic recommend a natural remedy of course. A natural remedy does not have the side effects associated with moisturizers and thus the best option. But what kind of a natural remedy specifically? Organic coconut oil has been tested and proved to be the best way to deal with blisters and cracked skins. It has antioxidants and this has seen it play a crucial role in protecting the skin against oxidation. All you need to do is to apply a relatively small amount on the affected parts and you will be good to go.

Other steps of maintaining a healthy skin during winter

1.Eat healthy food with plenty fats such as raw nuts, coconuts and avocados. You can be guaranteed that your body will produce new cells if you consume them regularly.

2. Always use safe products. Some products that you use more often in your home may not be safe. One good example is soaps but not all of them of course. But how do you know if your products are safe? Well, all you need to do is go to

3. Drink plenty of water. If during summer you normally take two cups of water a day, you may consider tripling that when it comes to winter. Remember that this is the time of the year when humidity is low, so drink a lot of clean water.